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The Milford Humane Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit, no-kill shelter for stray and abandoned cats. First organized in September 1990 to fill a need in the community, we help to care and find homes for the ever-increasing number of homeless cats that exist in the local area. These cats survive by scrounging in dumpsters for food and finding shelter wherever possible.

Most of our cats are housed at the shelter. Others are cared for in foster homes until space becomes available at the shelter. Admission to the shelter is not based solely on adoptability but on need. The motto of the Milford Humane Society is to share the gift of unconditional love with as many cats and kittens as possible.

The Milford Humane Society is one of the few in our area that works with stray, abandoned and feral cats and kittens. Admission to our facility is limited to Milford and the surrounding towns and is based upon need and space limitations.

Every animal admitted to the shelter receives medical care, a warm safe environment in which to heal and learn to trust, and much love to aid in preparation for becoming adoptable. For some animals this is a short-term program, but for others, the wounds from past treatment require a long-term commitment.

Our programs are made possible by the donations of time and money from caring people who provide the funding that keeps our doors open.

Donations are Deeply Needed and Greatly Appreciated!

Adoptions for cats are held at:

Milford Humane Society Shelter
289 West Street (Rte 140), Milford
Sunday from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

For further information contact:
The Milford Humane Society
P.O. Box 171
Medway, MA 02053
(508) 473-7008

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