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Our 2019 Holiday Message

Dear Friends,

As the holidays approach, we shelter volunteers want to share with you a few of our stories. Over the past year we have provided a safe haven for many cats and kittens. Some have spent a short time at the shelter before finding their forever homes and some will make the shelter home. Each cat/kitten is special in his/her own way, all receive medical care, a warm bed, food to nourish them and lots of love. As an all-volunteer, non-profit, no-kill facility our struggle to survive continues to be difficult. We depend upon you, our loyal supporters, to keep our doors open.

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A number of cats will make the shelter their home. They are warm and fed and their medical needs are met. These cats learn to trust their caregivers but shy away from strangers, so do not show well during adoption hours. Visitors to the open rooms will see the cats relaxing in beds or on condos. Some welcome attention from people, while others do not. Bonds are formed among the cats and they create families of their choosing. It is not unusual to see cats cuddled together in a bed or on a condo. New cats to the open rooms are caged temporarily to allow the current residents to get used to the new arrivals and for the new cats to feel at home.

We are thankful for the shelter founder who opened her home to take in stray cats in 1989. Milford Humane Society has come a long way over the years. The first few years were spent in a drafty garage without running water. Then we were without a home for a few years. The handful of dedicated volunteers who believed in the cause and had vision to see the outcome struggled to raise the necessary funds to build a shelter. With help from the town and many of you, we dedicated our permanent home in October 2002. Over the ensuing years we have tried to rescue as many cats and kittens as possible. The number of needy cats/kittens is mind boggling. Juggling the needs of the animals and how to stretch funds to provide medical care and food for them keeps us busy. We appreciate your help.

Over the years numerous cats have passed through the shelter. We even had a cat knocking on the door to come in a few years ago. When the door was opened he walked in meowing down the hall. We are sure he had quite a story to tell if only we could have understood what he was saying, as his microchip was inserted in Okinawa.

Our stories are about real rescues in the local area and mention only a few of the many cats/kittens that have benefited from your generosity. We thank you, our loyal supporters. You make it happen.

New volunteers to help with the care of the cats are always welcome. There are caregiver shifts twice each day. We also welcome people to help with our special events such as the Chocolate Fest held in March or the monthly yard sales held in the spring through fall (except July) and the Cat's Meow Auction held in November. All of these events require people to organize and staff to help at the event. For more information call 508-473-7008.

When you are planning your holiday festivities, please include MHS. Every donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated. As a volunteer organization, all monies raised directly benefits the animals. We have no paid staff.

May your holidays be merry and the warmth of sharing the gift of unconditional love be yours throughout the New Year.

Milford Humane Society Volunteers

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For further information contact:
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